Sunday, January 7, 2018

Beginners Guide to Hand Lettering! And a FREEBIE!

About a year ago, I created a Beginner's Guide to Hand Lettering after having tons of questions on how I "got so good" at lettering, what my favorite supplies are, how I incorporate bible journaling, etc.

So, to answer those questions plus some, I created this guide! It's a 50+ page guide that includes:

• What hand lettering is
• Supplies
• Lettering terminology
• Common mistakes
• Types of lettering
• Examples and practice pages (serif, sans serif, script and every letter of the alphabet!)
• Basic Strokes
• How to hold your pen
• How to incorporate those things into your bible pages

This guide focuses on faux calligraphy hand lettering, not brush lettering (which I may cover sometime in the future) because I feel like it's an easier place to start and the basics of hand lettering help you better understand how to control your brush pens if you try to do brush lettering in the future.

I wanted to offer a couple of practice pages for you that are a part of the hand lettering guide so you can get an idea of what's inside.

Here is a PDF that includes practice sheets of the script, serif and sans serif letters. I recommend printing these out and then using tracing paper to trace them with so your hand can get use to the way it feels to make the shapes of the letters.

There's actually one more practice sheet than in the picture below and I also included a coloring page that can be found in my coloring book!

If you'd like to purchase the entire lettering guide, you can find that here. In the meantime, I really, really hope that you love these practice sheets!

I'd love to see your practice! You can tag me in your posts @neelysphoto and use the hashtag #beginnersguidetohandlettering!

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